Chapter Members

Kritika Kharel

Director of Administration


Aaminah Qureshi

Director of Academic Excellence

Hometown: Oslo, Norway

Jessica Svab

Director of Social Events

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Arianna Cortinois

Director of Philanthropy

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Madeleine Sherwood

Director of Public Relations and Marketing

Hometown: Pickering, Ontario

Awa Ndiaye

Director of Member Selection

Hometown: McNair, Virginia

Carina Cambone

Director of Recruitment Events

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Aliyah Kashkari

Director of Risk Management and Wellness

Hometown: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Adele Church

Director of Member Finances

Hometown: London, Ontario

Regina Zaff

Director of Facility Operations

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Caleigh Hollender

Director of First Year Experience

Hometown: Calabasas, California

Aaliyah Fiorda

Director of Ceremonies and Ritual

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

Claire Pelletier

Director of Lifetime Membership

Hometown: Wasaga Beach, Ontario