Recruitment FAQ

So what do you… Do?

Above all, being in a sorority is about making strong and lasting friendships. Tri Delta’s purpose is to assist its members in every possible way, whether that is in academics, health and safety, leadership or social experiences. Everything we do is in the interest of helping each other be the best versions of ourselves. Check out our Recent Events page to learn more about our specific programming.

What time commitment will I have to make?

During the New Member period, New Members will attend a weekly class and are encouraged to attend as many events and activities as possible! After Initiation, Sisters attend weekly meetings on Mondays at 9pm and fun programming events throughout the week. (There are sometimes special one time events on other nights).

What happens during Initiation?

Initiation is a special ceremony that bonds you with your sisters and is shared by all Tri Delta chapters internationally. Nothing during this ceremony is uncomfortable or challenging. Our Chapter firmly believes in the anti-hazing policy set out by our Executive Office and the National Panhellenic council. Hazing is not a part of our Initiation and is not practiced by, or condoned our Chapter.

Are you LGBT friendly?

Of course! The women who make up our Chapter are diverse in every possible way; sexual orientation is just one aspect of each of our unique personalities.  As a Chapter we believe in a supportive and welcoming environment, which has been reaffirmed by our Executive Office’s commitment to non-discrimination.

Can I go abroad or take a year off, and still be a member?

Yes. We encourage all of our members to participate in programs that will enrich their academic experiences.

If you have more questions about our Recruitment process feel free to email our VP of Membership Kyara Ferrone at