Chapter members can always rely on their sisters to support them in their academic goals- whether it's as a study buddy, lending notes or helping a sister navigate course selection! Our chapter has members in many different programs and faculties, but we all understand the rigorous nature of U of T academics! Our studies always come before anything else. While we ask our members maintain a GPA of 2.0, our chapter is cognizant of our members accessibility needs, and works hard to support and accommodate all of our members.  

Our Academic Chair organizes daily study sessions, academic support programs and our house library of old notes and textbooks in order to support academic excellent in our chapter. Many of our sisters have received academic recognition through the Panhellenic Alpha Order, the U of T Dean's List and other academic scholarships. Our sisters are also active members of our respective course unions (see 'Campus Involvement'), and encourage learning beyond course work and the classroom.